Updated Building Safety Act – What does it mean for Clients?

The recent introduction of the Building Safety Act 2022 and The Building Regulations 2010 (as Amended October 1st 2023) has led to some of the biggest changes in the construction and property sector in recent years.

This new and updated legislation places significantly greater responsibilities on Developers to ensure design and building work are in full compliance with the Building Regulations and appointment of additional duty holders.

In addition to our new Building Regulations Principal Designer Service, we are offering CPD training on the legal duties of Developers.

The training covers:

Building Safety Act. 2022 Overview

  • HSE Building Safety Regulator
  • New / updated regulation and legislation

Building Regulations etc.(Amendment) (England) Regulations 2023

  • What projects are affected?
  • Duty holders
  • Competence
  • Building Control Changes
  • Building Regulations Application Process
  • Notices updates
  • Completion notice requirements

Higher Risk Buildings/Projects

  • Gateways 1, 2 & 3
  • Golden Thread
  • Programme Considerations & Delays

If you’d like to know more, or to book a CPD session, please get in touch with Dorran Burton or Nick Foster here.

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