Multi-Storey Logistics Sheds

We’ve been hearing buzz words like “Last Mile” and “Urban Logistics” spreading throughout the industrial and logistics market, but what is their impact on developments?  

Driven by the imperative for quicker deliveries and a concerted effort by occupiers to curb pollution and enhance overall efficiencies, there’s been a noticeable uptake in clients exploring options for their developments. These options range from sites earmarked specifically for logistics purposes to those with diverse use classifications.

The push to increase density on area within the M25 zone has spurred the emergence of multi-storey logistics buildings, a concept that’s now being seriously considered and appraised.

This shift has necessitated an extensive learning curve for all stakeholders involved in what has traditionally been a very conservative market. There’s been a critical reassessment of various logistical norms and options to redefine the parameters of urban logistics buildings.

Key considerations include usage versatility, loading mechanisms, traffic management, overall carbon footprint, and of course, cost-effectiveness.

RPP has been actively engaged in supporting numerous clients along this transformative journey, resulting in successful planning permissions for projects such as Enfield and Thurrock, with others currently in the pipeline.

The Enfield project secured planning approval in late 2023, paving the way for a multi-level structure spanning 435,000 square feet. Strategically located near Junction 25 of the M25, this innovative development enables heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) access to both ground and first floors, while also offering flexibility for subdivision as needed.

Moreover, it aligns with planning policies advocating for collaborative workspace arrangements and promises a boost to both construction and ongoing employment opportunities.

Notably, the proposed design targets a BREEAM excellent rating and boasts an impressive EPC rating of A, with ambitious aspirations set for carbon reduction both during construction and throughout operational phases.

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