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Party Wall Assessments

RP&P Management have developed a team of party wall surveying experts who are able to offer a range of services.

We are also able to provide advice where other allied legislation may apply. For example, access to The Neighbouring Land Act 1992.

  • Competitive and in-depth service
  • National coverage
  • Expertise and knowledge

Following the introduction of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 in England & Wales, the Act has now superseded all previous legislations for dealing with boundary wall disputes. The Act governs the way in which the owner of a property carries out works on or near to neighbouring buildings or structures and protects the interests of anyone who might be affected by the works.

The Act covers:

  • Repair or rebuilding works to an existing wall or structure dividing two or more separate properties
  • Excavation close to neighbouring buildings/ structures
  • Building an independent wall or a wall forming part of a building which astride a boundary with a neighbouring property

The Act enables competent surveyors to resolve such disputes, but imposes certain obligations and the adoption of procedures on buildings owners, which cannot be set aside.

Our Service

  • To assist our clients in the implementation of The Act, we have developed a team of party wall surveying experts who are able to offer the following services:
  • Initial appraisal of schemes to determine if The Act applies
  • The preparation and issue of relevant Party Wall Notices under The Act
  • The resolution of party wall disputes.
  • Provide general advice and information to ensure that the legislation is used to the advantage of both building owners and adjoining owners
  • Expertise to ensure that building owners and adjoining owners are able to meet their legal obligations
  • Assist with the resolution of boundary disputes and boundary identifications