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Health & Safety Consultancy

We have a dedicated team of Health & Safety and Risk Management professionals providing a range of services from strategic property reviews to asbestos management and environmental audits.

The responsibilities and accountabilities in the form of new legislation and regulation continue to increase year on year. It is a legal obligation for every employer to assess and control risks based on a robust Health & Safety performance management system, ensuring that employees are trained on procedures, monitoring and measurement of Health & Safety Plans.

Our Service

To help Clients cope with changes in regulations, we offer a range of bespoke Health & Safety Consultancy Services, Health & Safety Management and Training, providing clearer management focus on the legal and other requirements which may impact on a business.

Health & Safety Management

Our qualified Health & Safety professionals can train, develop and support a management system to meet the Health and Safety requirements of a particular Clients industry sector based on Health & Safety Assessment developed by the British Standards Institute.

Hazard Identification & Risk Control

We are able to establish maintainable procedures for the identification of hazards and facilitate the implementation of control measures and Risk Assessments. This can include routine and non-routine activities, activities of all individuals having access to the workplace (including subcontractors and visitors) and facilities within the workplace.

Display Screen Equipment

An employee who regularly uses display screen equipment at work must be risk assessed and trained on using VDU’s safely.

We are able to undertake work station assessments which satisfy DSE Regulations and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999. We also teach employees ergonomically correct ways to arrange and interface with their workstation.

Associated Services

Where appropriate, we can incorporate the role of Health & Safety Advisor alongside that of the Principal Designer at strategic or site level.


  • Expertise and extensive knowledge on Health & Safety matters
  • Full compliance with Health & Safety Regulations
  • Reduction in work related accidents and sick absence