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Quantity Surveying of Carbon Reduction Projects

Our Quantity Surveying services are a crucial addition to any carbon reduction project, which are becoming more sophisticated in the way they are procured.

Our cost management services include:

  • Feasibility Studies – we will produce accurate pre-tender estimates which will ensure the client knows at an early stage whether a project is commercially feasible. These will include the important pay back and return on investment information reflecting all the capital and operational (whole life) costs associated with the project and the benefits and savings that will arise.
  • Tendering – we believe it is important to properly tender the project to at least 3 suppliers to ensure the client gets best value. We do not receive any fees or commissions for using certain suppliers and act independently in the recommendation of companies for inclusion on tender lists.
  • Contract Advice – selecting the right contract is important for any project and should reflect the size, value and risk profile of the project. If a project is large and of high value, the contract needs to protect the interests of both the client and contractor; and contain suitable mechanisms for different eventualities. For example, how the client is compensated if the project over runs. If a project is small and of low value and risk, it should not be necessary for the contract to be too onerous or complex. We recommend separate contracts for the installation phase e.g. a construction contract, and another for the delivery of savings. Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC’s) are structured to give protection to the client if the energy savings are not achieved. Whilst construction contracts are robust and well developed, energy savings contacts are relatively new and need to be carefully drafted to protect both parties.
  • Finance Advice – like other projects, carbon reduction projects can be financed negating the need for upfront capital expenditure. Repayments can be linked to the terms of an EnPC so that the costs of a project are paid for in line with the savings they deliver.