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Property Portfolio Management

For people who control multiple buildings the task of asbestos management can be daunting. RP&P Asbestos Services Limited can assist in Asbestos Management of a full building portfolio. We initially carry out an office based review of a property portfolio and then recommend a sensible, strategic approach to managing the asbestos related issues which the client is responsible for. RP&P Asbestos Services Limited has considerable experience and knowledge in providing a proactive and responsive portfolio management service, that will meet the short and long term objectives of clients in either the private or the public sector.

Our processes require that a client’s unique needs are reviewed on a regular basis, and ensure that our clients can sleep well at night knowing that their asbestos management and compliance issues are in safe hands. Information is stored by means of a secure web portal, updated regularly by RP&P Asbestos Services Limited, which allows the client to have all the information they require to hand as and when they need it.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you manage the Asbestos issues in your property portfolio.