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Project Management & Site Auditing of Asbestos Removal Works

If you are a property manager or responsible for health and safety issues in your company, you will know that UK Health & Safety regulations made it mandatory from 21 May 2004 to have a suitable asbestos management strategy in place for each of your properties.

Professional Services

Asbestos removal works can be both complex and costly; RP&P Asbestos Services Limited provide a bespoke service to our Clients from inception through to completion. Our professional management team will ensure that all your requirements met.Our services include:

  • Collating the scope of works and contractor tendering
  • Review of all submitted tenders and selection guidance
  • Review of Plans of Work prior to commencement on site
  • Pre-start and progress meetings
  • Full on-site auditing during removals
  • Updating of Asbestos Registers and Management Plans

Asbestos Removal

Beginning with the survey and preparing a scope of work, right through to ensuring that the correct contractors are utilized and that the required documentation is produced in order that the client is compliant with all of the relevant legislative issues, asbestos removal is a costly and daunting process, made even more costly when things go wrong.

RP&P Asbestos Services Limited has all of the experience and skills that are needed to ensure that these complex operations are conducted in a professional and compliant manner.

Ancillary services

Contaminated land surveys – If you have a brown field site with demolition spoil / infill present but no record of the content RP&P ASL can perform a methodical grid survey, produce a comprehensive report and provide professional guidance for remediation.

One off samples – Found asbestos not identified on a report? We will send a fully qualified surveyor to take a sample of the product for you.

Reassurance air tests – Accidental asbestos fibre release? RP&P Asbestos Services Limited can provide air samples results and give comprehensive advice on any remedial action.