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Contract Services

Rex Procter & Partners is able to offer its clients independent advice and support in setting up or understanding their contractual rights and obligations.

We are a specialist practice consultant to the RIBA advising architects on matters relating to contract administration and appointments including fee recovery. Our staff have experience is advising architects, employers, contractors and subcontractors. This advice and support spans across procurement, contract or appointment selection and drafting to representing parties in adjudication and arbitration.

Our Service

We offer the following specialist services in connection with building and engineering contracts and architect’s appointments:

Pre contract or appointment

Contract documents

  • Drafting standard or specific terms and conditions and associated documentation
  • Preparation of contract documents

Review and advise

  • On architect’s terms of appointment
  • On building contract and sub-contract terms and conditions

Post contract

  • Advice on building contract and subcontract administration
  • Contract or sub-contract compliance or commercial audit
  • Claims preparation or defence, management, analysis and evaluation
  • Variation, disruption and prolongation cost assessments
  • Representation in adjudication
  • In house training
  • Expert opinion