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Rex Procter & Partners

Rex Procter & Partners is able to provide services nationally including Quantity Surveying and Cost Management, Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Building Services and Contract Services.

Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Rex Procter & Partners provide a range of professional quantity surveying and cost management services to support clients and design …Read More

Project Management

Rex Procter & Partners provide a bespoke Project Management service to deliver clients requirements on quality, time and cost without …Read More

Employer’s Agent

Rex Procter & Partners has an established track record of working alongside clients as their agent to provide hands on …Read More

Contract Services

Rex Procter & Partners is able to offer its clients independent advice and support in setting up or understanding their …Read More

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing is defined as “the cost of an asset, or its parts throughout its life cycle, while fulfilling …Read More

Contractor’s Bills of Quantities

We appreciate that Contractor’s need a fast, accurate service for producing Bills of Quantities. We use Cato software to produce …Read More