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Corporate Social Responsibility

Rex Procter & Partners is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through a range of organisations and charities. The business actively supports a nominated charity on a yearly basis and undertakes a range of fundraising activities in order to raise funds and awareness.

Rex Procter & Partners is passionate about providing opportunities to young people in the district and provides opportunities for employees and local education facilities to take part in community projects. We are leading the way with assisting local schools in delivering home grown talent to the business community. We have spearheaded a number of innovative projects including ‘Classroom in….Construction’; ‘Work Inspiration’ and Enterprise Activities. Testimonials from a number of the Education providers we have worked with can be seen below:

Feedback is always positive

Key Stage Two pupils have had the opportunity to work with Rex Procter & Partners on a number of occasions, on tasks ranging from enterprise to aspirations. Our children love working with staff from Rex Procter & Partners and feedback is always positive. The activities have allowed our pupils to meet people other than school staff who might influence their future options and choices. They have had the opportunity to ask questions and see people working in their profession; also they were made aware of the world of work, expectations of the employer and what employees have had to do to reach their goals. We are grateful of the input from Paul Mackie and his team as this has led to further development work in school on the topic of enterprise.

Virginia Hartley, Head Teacher - Low Moor Primary School

Instrumental in the Classroom in Construction programme

Rex Procter & Partners has been instrumental in setting up and progressing the Classroom in Construction programme which has run successfully for the last 3 years. The programme has given the students the opportunity to see how different elements of the construction industry work giving them a broader perspective on future careers paths. Rex Procter & Partners has provided the school with amazing support throughout.

Justin Millard, - Tong High School

A wealth of information and knowledge

This is the first opportunity we have had as a school to work alongside Rex Procter & Partners and the experience was excellent. We took a group of approximately thirty learners, who were all studying GCSE Business, to experience a Work Inspiration event hosted on the business premises of RP&P Bradford. The company provided a wealth of information and knowledge in a very relaxed and welcoming manner, which allowed our learners to experience another aspect of work related learning to broaden their life experiences. We look forward to working with Rex Procter & Partners again in the future should we be invited to do so.

Jan McGhie, Work Based Learning and Careers Education and Guidance Coordinator - Bradford Academy

Amazing support throughout

Rex Procter & Partners has been part of the Work Inspiration programme which has run successfully for the last 2 years. The programme has given the students the opportunity to see how a live office runs and an insight into the business world. Rex Procter & Partners provided amazing support throughout all the Work Inspiration days. The college would like to thank the staff for such an inspiring few days.

Paul Belcher, Assistant Principal - Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College